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Should You Buy Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?
Guaranteed issue life insurance is attractive to impaired or high risk shopper.
Guaranteed issue life insurance is not for people who:
Are healthy
Are looking for cheap coverage
Want a full death benefit immediatley
Are past age 80
Guaranteed issue life insurance is for people who:
Have serious health problems
Don't want any medical exams or questions
Didn't get enough life coverage when they were healthy
Want a fixed premium
Want to provide their heirs a partial benefit
Want insurance where they can't be turned down
More of your questions may be answered on our Important FAQs page.
Upon receipt of your request, we will send you quotes from 3 to 5 companies based on cost, financial stability of the insurance company and any special underwriting circumstances. The rates are checked weekly to assure that the most cost-competitive policies are available. You may contact us or call us toll-free for more information. 1-800-925-7991.
    Guaranteed Issue
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